Who am I?

My name is Dan. I am a linux nerd and techie. You can find more about me at dan-delaney.com
My GnuPG public keyfile is at http://loclhst.com/drd.asc

What do I do?

I am a Network Engineer at an ISP.
I also play with microcontrollers and electronics in my free time.
I have also been known to write some code.


I know there are good people out there. Sometimes those people donate, sometimes they do not. Either way, here are my coin addresses for donations!
BTC: 1HYN6gK4hmykT9Y7SBVMyheNKPzuq5fi3v
LTC: LQ7dnDk327ENnduTAVioiM9RpGQS5fAKg3
DOGE: DJihu6BcKG1XZVk4JY3c8ZeRtC6wLLbXab

What is the purpose of this site?

It is just a placeholder that has more then a 'coming soon' stamp.

ssh ganondorf

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